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Human Body – Diagram of human body showing parts of the body and their purpose
Smiley Faces – Chart showing various types of smiley faces symbols
Digestive System Diagram – Diagram that depicts various components of the digestive system
Human Cell – Diagram showing human cell parts
Heart Diagram – Diagram of a heart showing different parts and blood flow
Plant Cell Diagram – Diagram showing components of a plant cell
Human Organs – Diagram depicting human organs with names and explanations
Brain Diagram – Diagram of a brain showing parts with labels
Human Anatomy Diagram – Diagram depicting human anatomy and key body systems
Maslow Pyramid – Diagram showing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, also known as Maslow pyramid
Eye Color Chart – Chart of eye colors
Multiplication Chart – Multiplication chart for kids showing calculations up to 100 and 144
Kilograms to Pounds – Chart showing conversion from kilograms to pounds (kg to lb)

Cell Diagram


Cell Diagram – Diagram of a Cell – Animal cell diagram – Cell Diagram of animal.   Cell diagram shows the following elements nucleus, membrane, lysosome, cytoplasm and others.  Human cell explained. Cell diagram for Kids – Diagram of a Human Cell – Human Cell Diagram – diagram of an animal cell.


Eye Colors


Eye Colors – Human eye – Eye Color – Eye Colour – Eye Color Chart – Eye colors based on genetics: blue, hazel, brown, green.  Eye color chart.  Eye Color Diagram.  Eye diagram.  Eye Chart.  Eye colors and contact lenses of different colours.

eye colors

Human Organs – Body Organs Systems


Human Organs – Human Organs Diagram – Body Organs – Human organs systems – Human body systems – Diagram showing various human anatomy and body systems including skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, etc.  Human organ systems diagram.

Body Organs Systems
Source: Cloudfront

Human Body – Human Anatomy


Human Body – Human Anatomy – Human Body Diagram – Human Anatomy Diagram – Anatomy of a human body is shown in a diagram below depicting the key body organs and parts; this diagram is great for kids education.  Human Body chart.  Human Anatomy chart.

Human Body

Source: Science Kids

Digestive System Diagram


Digestive System Diagram – Digestive System – Human Digestive System Diagram – Digestive System chart – The digestive system of a human consists of the following anatomy parts: stomach, intestines, bladder, rectum, anus, liver, colon, and other organs.  High quality printable digestive system chart.  Human digestive system.

Digestive System Diagram

Also see other human organ systems Source: CK12, Methiscool

Smiley Faces


Smiley Faces – Smiley icons – Smiley Face Symbol – Smiley Symbols – Smiley Face Symbols – Smilies, smiles, emotions, emoticon and happy smile face icons.  Yellow Smiley Symbols are widely used as signs of happy faces and one’s positive and other emotions.  Smiley Faces Chart.

 smiley-facesSource: Vector Stock

Multiplication Chart – Multiplication Table


Multiplication Chart – Multiplication Table.  Multiplication chart showing a table of numbers multiplied.  Multiplication chart 12 x 12.  12 by 12 multiplication chart colored.  Multiply Color Multiplication table.   Multiply Chart.  Multiplication.  Multiplication table for kids 100, 144, 10×10, 12×12. Printable.  Kids multiplication chart. Big large multiplication table. Division chart.

Multiplication Chart

Brain Diagram | Brain Chart


Brain Diagram – Brain Chart – Diagram of a Brain.  Diagram of a human brain labelled.  Brain diagram showing different parts of a brain with labels.  Human brain diagram.  Parts of the human brain as studied in medicine. Human brain. Components of a brain.

Brain Chart - Brain Diagram - Human Brain Brain Chart – Brain Diagram – Human Brain[/caption]


Hex Color Chart

Hex Color Chart – Hex Color Diagram – Hex Color Table – Hex Color charts include the colour and its corresponding hex code or hex number. Hex tables are useful for developing webpages, editing images in Photoshop, etc. Hex colour chart below lists various color categories: red, green, blue, orange, brown, black, yellow, etc

hex color chart


Abdominal Diagram

Abdominal Diagram – Abdominal Chart – Stomach Diagram – Human Abdominal – Abdominal Anatomy – Abdominal diagrams depict parts of the human stomach including liver, large intestine, small intestine, appendix, esophagus, bladder and other abdominal anatomy parts.

abdominal diagram


DJIA Chart

Djia Chart – Djia Diagram – Djia Graph – DIJA 2014. Djia charts show the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the years. The djia chart below depicts performance of the index over the past 10 years ending with 2014. Looking into the trend, one may expect the growth of DIJA in 2015 and 2016 provided no recession, similar to 2008, occurs.

djia chart


Kidney Diagram

Kidney Diagram – Human Kidney – Kidney Anatomy – Human kidney anatomy consists of the following parts cortex, vein, artery, pelvis, ureter. The chart below depicts the diagram of a kidney with labels.

kidney chart


Weight Chart

Weight Chart – Weight Diagram – Weight Graph – Weight charts are used to estimate one’s target weight given his or her height. The weight table below lists various male and female heights and corresponding low, target and high weights. One could be considered underweight if below the target and overweight if above the target weight.

weight chart


Motherboard Diagram

Computer Motherboard – Motherboard Diagram – Motherboard Chart – Motherboard is a key component of a computer. Motherboard parts include a slot for the chip (or microprocessor), slots for RAM, USB, display, network and video cards, power supply and many other components.

Motherboard diagram


Nerve Cell

Nerve Cell Diagram – Nerve Cell Chart – Nerve cell is an example of a human cell, part of the nervous system. Nerve cell parts include nucleus, soma, dendrite, axon, myelin sheath, axon terminal, node of ranvier. The below diagram depicts cell parts.

Nerve Cell


Water Cycle

Water Cycle – Water Cycle Diagram – Water Cycle Chart. The movement of water in nature from one form to another and from one place to another location is called a water cycle. The cycle stages include precipitation, evaporation, transpiration and others. The places where water is present in nature are atmosphere, oceans, ground water, soil, land, lakes, rivers, clouds, etc.

water cycle


Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular System – Cardiovascular System Diagram – Cardiovascular System Chart – Cardiovascular system consists of the human organs carrying blood through the body including human heart, veins, arteries and aorta. The diagram contains labels describing each part of the system.

Cardiovascular System


Bike Frame Size and Seat Height Chart

Bike Frame Size and Seat Height Chart – Bicycle frame size chart – Bike Seat Height Chart – Bike saddle height chart. This chart shows the bike frame size and seat height chart based on the inseam height. To choose the right bicycle and adjust the height of the saddle, first measure inseam height and then multiply the value by 1.08, which will give you the seat height or simply look at the table presented below. The below chart can be used for both mountain and road bikes.

Bike Frame Size and Seat Height Chart


Electrical Circuit

Electrical Circuit – Electrical Circuit Diagram – Electrical Circuit Chart – Electrical Circuit Graph – Electrical circuit plot is a visual representations of an electricity flow within the system. The below circuit includes a motor, a battery, a magnet, an electric switch, AC, etc.

electrical circuit


Fenway Seating Chart

Fenway Seating Chart – Fenway Seating Diagram – Fenway Seating charts show the seating areas in the baseball stadium including various sections of the fenway baseball field.

fenway seating chart


FTSE 100

Ftse 100 Diagram – Ftse 100 Chart – Ftse 100 Graph – Ftse charts, ftse diagrams and plots are visual representations the ftse stock performance index. The ftse index shows an upward trend through out its history.

ftse 100


Nyse Chart

NYSE Diagram – Nyse Chart – Nyse Graph – Nyse charts, diagrams and plots are visual representations of the performance of the New York Stock Exchange index. Long term nyse index performance shows an upward trend. Nyse stocks growth history chart. Nyse tables.

nyse chart


Circulatory System

Circulatory System – Diagram of the circulatory system – Circulatory System Diagram – Circulatory System Chart – Human Circulatory System diagrams depict body organs that are part of the human blood system. These include heart, aorta, vein, ventricle, capillaries, etc.

circulatory system diagram


Teeth Diagram

Teeth Diagram – Tooth Diagram – Teeth Chart – Teeth Graph – Tooth charts, teeth charts, teeth diagrams are visual representations of tooth parts including enamel, root canal, gum, pulp cavity, bone, nerve and other parts of a tooth.

tooth diagram


Pert Diagram

Pert Diagram – Pert Chart – Pert Graph – Pert charts, pert diagrams and pert plots are examples of project management diagrams depicting activities, the flow of activities and duration. Pert was designed to show these various project management components in one easy to use chart.

pert diagram