Bone Diagram

Bone Diagram – Bone Chart – Bone Graph – Bone charts, bone diagrams and bone plots are samples of Bone infographics. This type of diagram with labels of bone structure explains human bone anatomy.

bone diagram

Skin Diagram

Skin Diagram – Skin Chart – Skin Graph – Skin charts, skin diagrams and skin plots are samples of Skin graphs. This type of diagram explains parts and layers of the human skin anatomy.

skin diagram

Anatomy Diagram

Anatomy Diagram – Human Anatomy – Human Anatomy Diagram – Anatomy diagrams – Anatomy diagram for kids. Diagram of human anatomy consisting of the following anatomical parts and body systems: respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, reproductive, etc. Male anatomy diagram. Male diagram. Male body diagram. Female anatomy diagram. is to come soon. Diagram of female anatomy. Female diagram. Female body diagram in the next update. Anatomy diagrams of human. Human anatomy for kids printable.

Human Anatomy Diagram


Human Eye – Eye Diagram

Human Eye – Eye Diagram – Diagram of Eye – Diagram of an Eye – Diagram of a human eye. Eye diagrams. Parts of the human eye. Eyeball diagram. Model of the eye. Eye Model. Cornea and other parts of an eye. Eye Anatomy. Human eyes and their anatomy and parts. Eye pain, eye disorders, problems and eye diseases diagram. Eye chart. Human eyes chart. Diagram of the eye.

Human Eye Diagram

Eye Diagram

Muscle Diagram – Body Muscles

Muscle Diagram – Muscles Diagram – Body Muscles – Muscles Women – Muscles Men – Muscle Diagrams – Muscles Gain – Muscle Women – Female Muscle – Body Muscle Diagram – Human Muscle – Human Muscles Diagrams. Male muscles.  Muscles of the body diagram, human muscles diagram showing leg, back, neck, arms


Human Organs – Body Organs Systems

Human Organs make up the six key body systems. These are the skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system and circulatory system.  Lets explain how each of these play a role in sustaining and functioning of the human body.

Skeletal system provides structure to the body and protects internal organs. It is made of bones, skull and skeleton. The muscular system supports the body and allows it to move. Biceps and triceps are examples of muscles found in this system. The nervous system controls thought, sensation, movement and virtually all body functions. The key part in this is played by the brain.

Digestive system breaks down food and absorbs nutrients. It consists of the stomach, small and large intestines and other parts. The respiratory system takes oxygen and releases carbon dioxide through lungs. Finally the circulatory system with heart at its core transports oxygen, nutrients and other substances to cells and carries away waste.

The below diagram displays where each of these organ systems is located in the human body.

Body Organs Systems