Belt Size Chart

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Belt Size Chart

Belts are sized to the middle hole, and there are usually five holes on a belt. This means that you have quite a bit of flexibility regarding the size you purchase. In the United States, belts are measured in inches. However, most European countries measure belts in centimeters.

For a 34″ waist, you must choose a 36 inch belt size. The entire belt size conversion tables are available here: Men Belt Size Chart , Women Belt Size Chart and Kids Belt Size Chart. Can wearing a belt too tight cause problems or cause any physical harm?

Find a measuring tape and loop it around your waist where you want to put the belt on. Keep the level around your hip or waist area. Write down the waist/hip circumference based on your measurement and add 2-3 inches to this size. This is the general rule of thumb for finding your belt size. 2. Measure an Existing Belt

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