Hex Color Chart

hex color chart

Hex Color Chart – Hex Color Diagram – Hex Color Table – Hex Color charts include the colour and its corresponding hex code or hex number. Hex tables are useful for developing webpages, editing images in Photoshop, etc. Hex colour chart below lists various color categories: red, green, blue, orange, brown, black, yellow, etc hex color chart

Motherboard Diagram

motherboard diagram

Computer Motherboard – Motherboard Diagram – Motherboard Chart – Motherboard is a key component of a computer. Motherboard parts include a slot for the chip (or microprocessor), slots for RAM, USB, display, network and video cards, power supply and many other components. Motherboard diagram

Database Diagram

database diagram

Database Chart – Database Diagram – Database Graph – Database charts, database diagrams and database plots are visual representations of Database graphs. This type of diagram shows IT database components and types. database diagram

Web Diagram

web diagram

Web Diagram – Website structure diagram is a visual representations of the architecture of one’s site showing relationships and links between different pages and components of the website. When pages linkages are presented visually, it is easier to make sense of the site’s structure. Having a good structure ensures great user experience, search engine optimization and less duplication of content. The web diagram usually displays individual html pages, folders, scripts, View Diagram Web Diagram

Component Diagram

component diagram

Component Diagram – Component Chart – Component Graph – Component charts, component diagrams and component plots are visual representations of Component infographics. This type of diagram depicts system components. Also, see object diagram. component diagram

Context Diagram

context diagram

Context Chart – Context Diagram – Context Graph – Context charts, context diagrams and context plots are examples of Context infographics. This type of diagram depicts context components for business operating models and IT systems. context diagram

Process Diagram

process diagram

Process Chart – Process Diagram – Process Graph – Process charts, process diagrams and process plots are samples of Process infographics. This type of diagram depicts process flow be it in business, IT or elsewhere. Also, see activity diagram. process diagram