Largest cities in the world

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Largest cities in the world 1

The largest city by population using the city proper definition, which is the area under the administrative boundaries of a local government, is Chongqing, China. The largest city by population using the metropolitan area definition, which is a loose term referring to urban area and its primary commuter areas, is Tokyo, Japan.

Largest World Cities by Population 2021 Metro Area Rankings; Rank City Country Population; 1: Tokyo: Japan: 37,340,000: 2: Delhi: India: 31,181,000: 3: Shanghai

1 Tokyo-Yokohama, Japan. 2 Jakarta, Indonesia. 3 Delhi, India. 4 Manila, Philippines. 5 Seoul, South Korea. 6 Shanghai, China. 7 Mumbai, India. 8 New York City, USA. 9 Beijing, China. 10 Sao Paulo, Brazil. More items…

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