How to measure my clothes size for tailoring

How to measure my clothes size for tailoring: this diagram is one of our most searched charts and infographics by people seeking to learn about new things and improve their general knowledge of how the world works.

How to measure my clothes size for tailoring

Measure to where you want the sleeve to fall. Write down a shoulder measurement for tailored clothing. Place one end of the measuring tape on the tip of one shoulder and draw it across your back. Find the measurement at the tip of the other shoulder, making sure the tape measure is flat across your back first.

In order to make well-fitting clothes, proper measurements are critical. Tailors take measurements to make custom made clothing or in order to fit a purchased item to your body such as a suit or dress. If you want to measure yourself for clothing, have someone to help you as it is difficult to get good measurements when measuring by yourself.

The above measurements are the most common and basic measurements. Some tailors and seamstresses may require additional measurements, such as the bicep, elbow, and forearm. Listen or read their instructions, then measure your shirt accordingly. Take your measurements with you when you go shopping. Most places will have a sizing chart.

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