Blanket size chart

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blanket size chart

Full-size blanket dimensions are 85 by 90 inches. Queen size blanket dimensions are 90 by 90-100 inches. Queen blankets are an excellent fit for queen size beds.

The stroller blanket measures roughly 22-30 by 30-36 inches. The blanket fits over a baby when they’re in their stroller or sitting on a car seat, similar to a throw blanket or lapghan for adults. A lapghan is a crocheted blanket and measures 36 by 48 inches.

Blanket Sizes and Dimensions Guide Blanket Type Dimensions (inches) Dimensions (cm) Lovey 12 inches by 12 inches 30 cm by 30 cm Baby 14 inches by 16 inches 36 cm by 41 cm Cradle 14 inches by 30 inches 36 cm by 76 cm Premie 18 inches by 24 inches 46 cm by 61 cm 10 more rows …

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