Button size chart

Button size chart: this diagram is one of our most searched charts and infographics by people seeking to learn about new things and improve their general knowledge of how the world works.

button size chart

So having a button size chart as a reference is a good idea when sizing button. You can use this button size chart to convert ligne to millimetres (mm) to inches. So it’s great for whatever unit of measurement you want to use.

Button Size Chart www.MJTRIM.com. 44 mm 1 3/4 Inches 72 Ligne 34 mm 1 3/8 Inches 54 Ligne 27 mm 1 1/8 Inches 44 Ligne 25 mm 1 Inch 40 Ligne 22 mm 7/8 Inch 36 Ligne 20 mm 13/16 Inch 32 Ligne 18 mm 11/16 Inch 28 Ligne 19 mm 3/4 Inch 30 Ligne 15 mm 5/8 Inch 24 Ligne 12 mm 1/2 Inch 20 Ligne 11.5 mm 7/16 Inch 18 Ligne 8 mm 5/16 Inch 14 Ligne.

Here is how: 1 Find the button you want to measure the size of 2 Determine which type of button it is: If its a shank button, place the shank in the gap in the centre of the seam gauge, pop a finger at the … 3 Once the knob is in place you can remove your thumb and the button and make note of the button size!

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