Insomnia Management

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Insomnia Management

Insomnia: Assessment and Management in Primary Care. Behavior approaches, such as relaxation therapy, sleep restriction therapy and stimulus control therapy, are described, in addition to pharmacologic treatments such as hypnotic medications, antidepressants and other medications.

Management of Insomnia Disorder in Adults 1 Key Clinical Issue. What are the effectiveness, comparative effectiveness, and adverse effects of interventions for insomnia disorder in adults? 2 Evidence-Based Answer. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for insomnia improves sleep outcomes in the general adult population. 3 Practice Pointers. …

CBT is most effective for primary insomnia, but it is also effective for comorbid insomnia as adjunctive therapy. Multiple randomized, controlled trials have demonstrated the efficacy of CBT. Sleep latency, total sleep time, duration of wakefulness, and sleep quality have been shown to improve with CBT.

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